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Worship is….wasting time with God

Today, we continue our series on “worship is…”  with a post from our Associate Pastor, Mark Hicks.  He spoke to our congregation a little about this last Sunday…and I thought it would be such a blessing here as a part of the series.  Be blessed!

Worship is wasting time. Whoa! Wait a minute. That doesn’t seem right. Well, according to renowned scholar Henri Nouwen, that’s exactly what it is. He once wrote that prayer is wasting time with God. When you think about it, the idea quickly moves from insulting to profound.
When you meet a friend or family member for lunch, what do you talk about? What is your agenda? Sometimes there may be a previously agreed upon topic or a problem to discuss but more often these meetings are for no other purpose but to be with the one you enjoy talking with. It is often a time to escape the rigors of the day and just relax with someone you like.
So which one is the worship of God? Does it more resemble a business meeting or a friendly lunch? Christians often come to times of prayer and worship with an agenda. We approach God with our proposals and request. We meet our weekly obligation and give “face-time” to the “big boss.” We come to worship hoping the band or choir sings songs we like, hoping the preacher doesn’t preach too long, and hoping, at least on some level, that we will get the appropriate amount of good standing points with God.
I wonder what it would be like if we took another approach. What if we adopted Nouwen’s thought of wasting time with God? What if we came into prayer and worship with no agenda but to simply be in the presence of God? What if we just wanted to “hang out” with the one who loves us?
Many of us need this type of worship. We need to take a deep breath and just be in the love of God. No agendas, no expectations, just being. If we try it, we might find out wasting time with God is the most important thing we do all week.

Mark Hicks

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