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… a place where all can find a church family and home.

We “celebrate our faith” in the diversity of worship services; “strengthen the family” of God through a variety of Bible studies and Sunday School classes for all ages; and “serve our community” with powerful outreach and mission work. We are committed to helping people of all ages, races and origins become disciples of Jesus Christ.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our website, and I’ll be even more delighted to meet you in person and to welcome you into this church community and its ministries. One great blessing at State Street UMC is that we have such a wide variety of ministries, programs, activities, and even worship service for people with varied interests and experiences. Another great blessing is that ours is a church family in which we can still get to know each other by name. I hope you’ll want to meet us in person, and until then, welcome to our site!

Jonathan Jonas,
Senior Pastor

Sunday Services


8:45 AM


9:01 AM


11:00 AM


We’re not actually on State Street! Our church building is at 300 W. Valley Drive (the corner of W. Valley and Long Crescent Drive), just across from Virginia High School. When our congregation moved to this location from downtown in the 1950s, we kept the name State Street to acknowledge our identity and origins.


Our parking lot is just off of Long Crescent Drive, behind and to the right of our church building. Limited parking is available along the front drive, parallel to W. Valley Drive.



Although our “front door” is on the columned portico facing W. Valley Drive, most people enter through the double doors adjacent to the parking lot at the rear of the building.

What To Wear?

There are no particular expectations. The 9:01 service is the most casual of the Sunday morning services. The 8:45 tends to be more casual than the 11:00, but there’s a lot of variety in each. You’re absolutely encouraged to come as you are for the Thursday evening Recovery service.


We provide nursery care for all worship services. The nursery is in the children’s wing. From the parking lot entrance, turn left through the foyer, right into the main corridor, and right again into the first corridor you encounter. The nursery is in the last room on the left.

Service Times & Locations

Sunday Morning

8:45     traditional worship service in our chapel, which is immediately to your right as you enter the building from the parking lot. This service has a small church feel in the chapel that seats about one hundred people. It includes traditional hymns and a weekly anthem by a small ensemble accompanied by piano and organ.

9:01     contemporary worship service in our lower level fellowship hall. Enter through the parking lot entrance, turn left through the foyer, and turn right to the staircase. This service features a band of guitars, drums, and keyboard leading contemporary music that you might encounter on Christian radio. This service has a more casual feel with a coffee bar and multimedia sound and display.

11:00   traditional worship service in our sanctuary, which is to your left as you enter from the parking lot. This is the larger of our two Sunday morning traditional services, led by a choir and accompanied by our impressive pipe organ. It is typically the most formal of our Sunday morning services.

Thursday Evening

7:00     Recovery Service for people recovering from substance abuse, addiction, and other life hurts. This service is contemporary, led by a band of guitars, drums, and keyboards. It follows a 6:00 fellowship meal and precedes sharing groups that meet at 8:00. It meets downstairs in our fellowship hall. Enter through the parking lot entrance, turn left into the foyer, and then right to the staircase.

Major Beliefs

Along with almost every other Christian communion or denomination, we believe:

•  in God, revealed through scripture as the trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—three in one;

•  that all people are sinful and in need of forgiveness, redemption, and salvation through Jesus Christ;

•  that we experience this salvation by grace through faith;

•  that we experience God’s love through the activity of the Holy Spirit, both in our personal lives and in the life of our faith community;

•  that believers will share in Jesus Christ’s resurrection and be raised to eternal life; and

•  that the Holy Bible is authoritative in matters of faith.

Like any other denomination, we United Methodists and our neighbors in the theological tradition of John Wesley, have some distinctive nuances and emphases. For example, we believe:

•  that all the credit and glory for our lives of faith belongs to God, acting in grace:

•  through “prevenient grace,” God calls us toward him, so that we long to please him, realize our sin, and seek his salvation;

•  through “justifying grace,” God assures us that we are forgiven and that he has given us the gift of eternal salvation;

•  through “sanctifying grace,” God calls us to become increasingly Christ-like, constantly growing in our love for God and neighbors;

•  that God’s sanctifying grace calls us to live disciplined lives, characterized by holy habits that enable us to grow closer to God and to neighbors in love;

•  that faith is the only necessary response for our salvation, but faith always reveals itself in good works; and

•  that we always experience and reveal our personal salvation within the context of community.