Chapel Service

A traditional service with a “down home” ambiance.

This service meets in our chapel, which is a smaller, more intimate space than our sanctuary. The order of worship is very similar to the 11:00 service, and music is accompanied by piano or organ. Apart from the congregational hymns, a quartet or small ensemble may offer an anthem. Our pastors alternate leading this service week to week.

The 9:01 Experience

9:01 AM
A praise and worship service with music, prayer, and proclamation.

Our Sunday morning contemporary worship service meets in the fellowship hall on the lower level, a more casual and flexible worship space. A band, usually including electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboard, and drums, leads contemporary worship music. This service includes multimedia audio and video and features a coffee bar as you enter the worship space. Our pastors alternate leading this service week to week. The service begins at 9:01am.

Traditional Service

A traditional service with litanies, creed, and full choir.

Our most formal traditional service is in the sanctuary at 11:00 each Sunday morning. Our sanctuary choir sings every week, and our hand bell choir helps to lead music occasionally. Our accompanist supports the choir and the congregation on our grand piano or our fairly elaborate pipe organ. Our senior pastor usually leads this service.