Serving Children with Special Needs and Their Families

Pathways is a ministry of State Street UMC that seeks to provide a safe and happy place for children with special needs to grow spiritually while parents, guardians, and family members have the opportunity to attend worship and Sunday school.


Every person of faith needs a time to worship. This can be difficult when raising a child with special needs. Pathways provides an opportunity for parents, guardians, and families to worship at The 9:01 Experience , State Street’s contemporary worship service, and then attend Sunday school. Families can enjoy the service and Sunday school time while their children with special needs are cared for by trained staff in a specially equipped room designed for the children’s comfort and enjoyment.

Special Events

Families with children with special needs often have difficulty enjoying outings that others take for granted. Going out to a restaurant or movie theater can become a daunting task. Pathways will seek to provide special events at the church or specially rented venues to allow families to enjoy a night out and to build relationships with other families.

Spiritual Growth

At State Street United Methodist, spiritual growth is a high priority and Pathways will hold to that same value. A curriculum for spiritual growth will be part of the children’s time from the first day. However, as Pathways develops, parents and guardians will be encouraged to be part of the conversation that leads to a more specific learning program tailored to the participating children.

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